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Hello everyone!


IMO, one of the original game key features was animated unit portrait. Despite being “just-a-visual-effect” thing, it conveyed what unit experiences and its emotional condition really well, making unit feel “alive” and thus important to player. I remember how I pushed that boost strength button like a crazy and shout together with my outnumbered and doomed infantry To the DEATH!!!. Ah, what a great memories, that were intense moments indeed!


Another great feature of original game is troops morale mechanic. Personally, I was always wondered why troops morale in other strategy games, like Total War for instance, does not feel so good for me. And the answer is - it is too predictable and thus does not deliver enough DRAMA! This somewhat randomized outcome makes you replaying the same battle over and over without being bored too fast, IMO.

It took more than a month to research DO morale via play-testing, design its flow and then trying to reproduce it in the remake. It is still far from being polished but looks pretty close to the original one and we are satisfied with the result.