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Today is a great day for our small community as DOR project turned 2 years! Personally for me this anniversary means a lot because of two things:
Firstly, it is amazing to realize that a hobby remake project of once great but forsaken franchise managed to live that long. Without a doubt, most credit for this goes to @d3vasted who managed to program and fine-tune DOR single-handedly. His programming skills, dedication and determination are amazing and you just know that any kind of project is bound to succeed when it is in hands of such person.
Secondly, this hobby project gives me a hope that one day I will able to devote all my working hours(and even more than that) to what I truly love - video-games. Time will tell, but for now I am just enjoying and proud to be a part of DOR project.

Here goes the list of implementation features List of what has been developed since the last update in May.:

  • Melee combat (models allocation is till in progress due to my slacking in RL)

  • Ranged units: bows, xbows and artillery (cannon, catapult, steam tank, mortar)

  • Ranged combat: projectiles type, AOE damage, etc

  • Line of sight: affects both unit visibility and shooting

  • Unit static 3D portraits (i.e. not animated)

  • Sound effects for everything mentioned above

  • Damage types

  • Models different animations: flying death, burning, etc.

  • Unit deployment phase, with drag and drop units mini-inventory

  • Main menu with quit and new game options

  • and many many other fixes and tweaks