In-game tests shown that the original Dark Omen ranged mechanic takes into account the following parameters:

  • Reload time
  • Accuracy
  • Distance (wpn base distance + elevation)
  • Number of firing ranks
  • Missile velocity
  • Missile trajectory
  • Line of Sight (LOS)  
  • Damage (wounds) per missile
  • AOE damage (war-machines)
  • Armor piercing (for weapons with S>4, works the same as for S vs T resolution in melee)
  • Number of crew (for warmachines reload speed) 

These and the fact that there is no friendly fire handicap makes DO ranged mechanic quite hardcore and solid for such an old game.


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Reload time

In-game tests proved that reload time is affected by ranged weapon type and unit ballistic skill characteristic.

reload time formula

T = Tb / BS

T - reload time (in seconds)
Tb - weapon base reload time
BS - unit ballistic skill 

Accuracy (WIP)

Shooting accuracy is affected by unit BS.

Some weapon types do not require line of sigh (LOS) for shooting and if a target is out of unit LOS, then unit has further penalty to its accuracy. 

Distance (WIP)

Shooting distance is affected by weapon base range and elevation bonus (i.e. unit is standing on hill)

Number of firing ranks (WIP)

Number of firing ranks depends on ranged weapon type and its shooting trajectory. For instance, such weapons as bow allows to shoot first two ranks of a unit, while crossbow/pistol only first rank of a unit.